January Eat Local Challenge

Locally Grown Poster

Take this eat local challenge this week. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried doing ALL of your weekly grocery shopping at a farmers market recently? The Tilton Winter Farmers’ Market has everything you need—and more. So, tomorrow morning, head on down to the the market with your list (and a few bags) and pick up what you need for the week. Whether it’s staples like veggies, cheese, meats and seafood, or sweet treats and wine, you can easily plan your menu around what’s available at the market.

We’re thrilled to welcome two new vendors this week: Snow Dragon Mountain Farm from Meredith and Big Banana from Gilford.

Snow Dragon Mountain Farm will offer certified organic winter vegetables, storage crops and certified organic honey. Donna and Albert Ducharme’s motto is “Local, Organic, Pure New Hampshire Quality and Care: Safe food that is good for you and the environment.”

Big Banana will round out the market nicely with an assortment of dried herb, fruits, beans and pastas. Big Banana’s motto is “All local, all the time.” Their company goals are to provide healthy, nutritious locally-grown fruits and vegetables at low prices. They do this by supporting smaller, local farmers and producers and, while they’re at it, they aim to bring good food to the poor and needy by supporting local charities.

Supporting local farms and producers by shopping at farmers markets is not only good for the local economy and community, but it’s sure to put some of the most delicious food on the table that you and your family have tasted.

For a taste of the market in the meantime, check out the full list of vendors.

See you at the Tilton Winter Farmers Market tomorrow! And, of course, bring a friend or two!


2 thoughts on “January Eat Local Challenge

  1. Don’t forget last Saturday, the 28th, we had 1,500 people in, the weather was so good. What a crowd, and lots of conversations! (For those of you statisticians out there, the math comes out to seven people a minute visiting for the four hours we were open! WOW!)

  2. Giant cinnamon rolls are very good! Home baked beans are to die for!!!! The seafood section has the biggest scallops you have ever seen!!!! several vendors with home baked bread that is the best youve ever had. Delicious garlic and hot pepper jellies with AMAZING flavor! Kits to start young fishermen into the ways of worm farmingwhich is great for composting and not only have worms for fishing but making fertile soil for garden and house plants and it only takes a small area in your cellar. You will be shocked at how beautiful and HUGE the pastries are!. I treied a sample of the fragrant hand and face creams made with honey and essential oils.They have wine and vegetables including winter squash which is one of my favorites and The Mill Fudge Factory with the BEST tasting fudges on the planet, Try the Maple Whiskey

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